Breitbart Radio Host Tells Steve Bannon He Is The ‘De Facto Leader’ Of The GOP

Steve Bannon speaking at CPAC 2016. ( Skidmore)

Breitbart West Coast Editor-at-Large Rebecca Mansour told former White House adviser and current head of Breitbart News Steve Bannon that he is the “de facto leader of the Republican Party” during yesterday’s episode of “Breitbart News Sunday.”

Bannon appeared on the program to talk to Mansour and her co-host Joel Pollak about the current state of the Republican establishment and to reflect on the Trump agenda’s effect on upcoming elections in Virginia.

“Right now, you’ve become—and you know I’m your fangirl, so I can say this. I would be your fangirl even if you weren’t my boss. But, you have become basically the de facto leader of the Republican Party,” Mansour said. All Democratic Party chair Tom Perez has “to do is say ‘Steve Bannon’ and everybody in the Democrat Left just starts shrieking.”

Mansour then brought up a New York Times op-ed by Bari Weiss that claimed that longstanding pillars of the conservative establishment are struggling with the “Bannon wing of the Republican Party,” and also mentioned an upcoming book that labels Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush the “last Republicans.”

Bannon responded that he thinks of the Bush family as “the last Whigs” and said he thinks “that Republican Party that they talked about is essentially over.”