Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Christophobia Is on the March

  • DeAnna Lorraine is urging people to stop watching CNN and rely instead on “real news sources” like Alex Jones’ Infowars because it is “one of the only places where you can get actual news.”
  • Rick Green is offering “emergency citizens defense training” sessions “for everyday Americans to understand and exercise their Constitutional rights in defending themselves and their communities from destructful rioters and violent agitators.”
  • Andrew Wallace wants Democratic leaders jailed for treason, declaring that “only people who were traitors themselves could support a man like [Joe] Biden.”
  • Jerry Newcombe warns that “Christophobia, which attacks anything Christian, is surely on the march.”
  • Finally, leading QAnon conspiracy theory promoter Dave Hayes (aka “The Praying Medic”) posted a now-deleted tweet offering advice to other QAnon supporters on how to “camouflage” their accounts to avoid Twitter’s crackdown on QAnon content.