DeAnna Lorraine Opposes Riots and Destruction, Unless It’s Targeting Hollywood

During her livestream broadcast yesterday, QAnon conspiracy theorist and failed congressional candidate DeAnna Lorraine decried the sporadic looting, destruction, and violence that has occurred amid the nationwide protests following the police killing of George Floyd last week—before saying she’d be OK with seeing Hollywood burned to the ground “because it is satanic.”

“If you are a Democrat at this point, if you call yourself a liberal at this point after seeing all of this,” Lorraine said, “then you are endorsing this violent, disgusting behavior, you’re endorsing the destruction of America. You’re endorsing it. You’re endorsing it. I’m sorry, but you just simply can’t be on the left anymore and be ignorant to what that really means, because this is what it means: You’re endorsing this behavior.”

“We cannot have this behavior endorsed; we simply can’t,” she added. “We need to have this behavior called out and condemned and stopped.”

Approximately two minutes later, Lorraine amended her denunciation of destruction and violence to declare that “if there’s one institution that should be burned down, it should be Hollywood. Hollywood I’m OK with it being burned down because it is satanic.”