Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Carved in the Spirit

  • Self-proclaimed “prophet” Manuel Johnson was at the event where an image of former President Donald Trump supposedly appeared in the clouds above Mount Rushmore. Johnson reports that Trump’s “face may not be carved there in stone, but it is carved there in the spirit.”
  • Lance Wallnau declares that “the devil is going all out against Trump, using the courts and government to persecute him. But here’s the catch: Everything happening to Trump and soon to Biden is part of a plan for righteous reform.”
  • Jarrin Jackson provides a case study in what Christian Nationalism sounds like: “How can all nations be made to obey, how can they be taught to obey Christ if Christians aren’t involved with government, if they’re not involved with politics?”
  • Hank Kunneman rants that if Christians don’t reclaim the “true meaning” of the rainbow, then “your children are … gonna continue to be mutilated at the hands of the those in government that don’t have a moral conscience.”
  • Finally, white nationalist Tyler Russell personally knows that there are countless racist/antisemitic groypers just like Pedro Gonzalez within the “Con. Inc influencer” movement: “We could create a billion of these fucking articles.”