Right Wing Bonus Tracks: An Insurrection Against the True Kingdom

  • Jarrin Jackson declares that “Christian Nationalism is inevitable. And that’s a good thing.”
  • Hank Kunneman says the “fake” Biden administration is doing “the very things that they did in Nazi Germany under Hitler.”
  • Nick Fuentes rants against “world Jewry,” calling Jews a “hostile tribal elite” who worship the devil and have established an “anti-Christ” nation in Israel: “Who else would be leading the insurrection against the true kingdom?”
  • Michelle Malkin is ending her weekly column, complaining that “the liberal media is dominated by endless supplies of smug, usually very pale-faced millennial J-school grads spouting about ‘diversity’ while parroting the same worn set of views on whites as evil, America as oppressor, nuclear families as abnormal, and liberal democracy as sacrosanct.”
  • David Barton is a pathological liar who claims that “Right Wing Watch has me as the number two hater in America.” We’ve never called him that and have no idea what he’s talking about.