Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Blow Up The Outside World

  • Shane Vaughn is now literally declaring that former President Donald Trump is “above the law,” absurdly insisting that Trump can’t be prosecuted for mishandling classified documents because the taking of those documents “took place while he was in office.”
  • Lance Wallnau reports on what God is saying at this time: “Know that what is happening to Donald Trump, and what is about to happen to Joe Biden, is actually all working together to answer your prayers and to advance the progress of righteousness and the gospel in the United States.”
  • Jason Rapert has a message for the Democrats: “You have turned our country upside down. Stop killing babies, pushing homosexuality on our kids, pushing pornography on children, and pushing your radical LGBTQ agenda.”
  • Johnny Enlow claims that Watergate was really about pedophilia: “It’s a book that had the list of pedophiles in government!”
  • Ali Alexander declares that “I would blow up PLANET EARTH before I ever complied with pronoun policing. I’m not even exaggerating.”
  • Finally, Monica Crowley says the U.S. has been under “a Marxist assault for nearly a century,” but now it is “happening on a much higher spiritual plane”: “It is God vs. the enemy. It’s good vs. evil.”