Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Vote For The Pardon

  • Charlie Kirk declares that every Republican presidential candidate “should suspend their campaign and go to Miami as a show of support” for former President Donald Trump in the wake of his latest indictment.
  • Shane Vaughn says Christians must now unite to reelect Trump so that he can pardon himself: “If he has to take his solemn oath in a prison cell, the next thing he’ll do is pardon himself.”
  • Far-right broadcasters Pete Santilli and Lance Migliaccio responded to Trump’s indictment by fantasizing about murdering Gen. Mark Milley and then using the military to launch a coup by arresting President Biden and dozens of congressional leaders.
  • Ali Alexander is assuming that “everything in the alleged Trump Indictment is a FALSE FILING! “
  • Finally, Laura Loomer simply “cannot believe what a giant, third world shit hole the United States of America has become”: “Looks like shit and smells like shit to me.”