Right Wing Bonus Tracks: ‘Ooga Booga’

  • Having failed to defeat Sen. James Lankford in Oklahoma’s Republican primary last month, MAGA pastor Jackson Lahmeyer is hinting at future plans: “Running for a statewide race like the US Senate in Oklahoma was a chess move not a checker move. Will be back very soon… THE BEST IS YET TO COME!”
  • Laura Loomer declares that “it should honestly be illegal for US lawmakers to take their oath on anything besides the Bible and the US Constitution.”
  • Ali Alexander asserts that “Democrats are talking about starting a Civil War by ‘expanding the court.’ … The Left is violent. Pray for peace and that we win!”
  • Shane Vaughn bellows that Black Americans who don’t celebrate Independence Day should leave the country: “We’re the greatest thing that’s ever existed. … You ought to celebrate it or leave!”
  • White nationalist streamer Jared Noble (aka “Woozuh”) is demanding that GOP Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka pay him $100,000 or he’ll expose that she’s “in a race-mixed relationship.” She is not exactly trying to keep it a secret.
  • Finally, white nationalist Dalton Clodfelter reviews the trailer for the upcoming film “The Woman King”: “Viola Davis, she does look like a monkey. Viola Davis? That’s not even racist. She just does. She looks like a fucking ape.”