Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Stop Dissing the Nazis

  • Ali Alexander is confident that “everything I know and believe will become popular. Everything my opponents says now will be extinct.”
  • Jon Miller wants to “make it a crime to be trans”: “You’d be amazed at how many suddenly shed themselves of this ‘I was born in the wrong body!’ hysteria once they realize it’d require jail time.”
  • After Sen. John Fetterman checked himself into a hospital to receive treatment for depression, Shane Vaughn declared that Satan used Fetterman to help the Democrats keep control of the Senate “and now that Satan’s done with him, now we send him to the mental nuthouse. He just checked himself in for being crazy.”
  • Alex Jones claims that everyone who is offered a television show or a record deal is first required to “reject Jesus Christ and pledge yourself to Lucifer.”
  • Tyler Russell says “we’re in 2023 now, we’ve got to stop dissing the Nazis. We got to look back at our boys like Oswald [Mosley], like Francisco [Franco], like Benito [Mussolini]. We gotta be like, ‘Yo, we’re ganged up out here.'”
  • Isabella Riley Moody discovers the perils of being a bigoted troll, insisting that she is “not really homophobic” after asserting last week that she wishes “we were a homophobic society” and bragging that the word “f*ggot” is “in my everyday vocabulary.”