Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Be More Racist

  • While having the Federalist Society select and evaluate federal judges was terrible, having the American Family Association become a “leading source of research and evaluations for future judicial selections” would be a disaster.
  • Stew Peters wants to “Make Homosexuality Shameful Again.”
  • Being a Twitter troll must be taking a toll on Isabella Riley Moody: “Taking a break from Twitter because it’s been so crazy lately.”
  • Lance Wallnau claims that he is “right so often” about what is happening in current events because he has “a prophetic anointing.”
  • Finally, it is always helpful when white nationalists like Tyler Russell say the quiet part out loud, like how he hopes to see an “invasion” of migrants cross the southern border because that will “really push Trump to be more racist” in order to “play to his base.”