Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Balkanization Is the Only Hope

  • Wayne Allyn Root is now apparently known as “Sir” Wayne Allyn Root after being knighted by Prince Rafael of the Royal House of Cappadocia.
  • Laura Loomer received a $2,900 campaign donation from VDARE founder Peter Brimelow.
  • Vincent James gripes that everything has gone downhill since women were allowed to vote and wear pants: “This is the reason why I’m not totally opposed to a lot of the things that Muslims have to offer. Muslims actually seem to be right about a lot of things.”
  • Lauren Southern reveals that she once accepted a complete stranger’s offer to fly her to California only to find out he expected to sleep with her. She blamed “radical feminists” for putting her in that situation, saying that if they had been more “reasonable,” she might have listened to their warnings.
  • Patrick Howley is now openly promoting the balkanization of American society: “Both of America’s political parties are controlled by competing factions of pedophilic Jews who both seek to sell us to China, and Americans are literally being boostered to death while they repeat propaganda points from a talking box and fight at Walmart in a borderless strip mall labor colony. None of the normie concerns matter. Every last obese moron clinging to this system is being destroyed by it. Balkanization is the only hope.”
  • Finally, just two days after white nationalist Nick Fuentes said that women should have no rights and should be burned at the stake for being witches, Lauren Witzke was thrilled to be hanging out with him in Las Vegas.