Right Wing Bonus Tracks: You’re a Heterophobe

  • Wayne Allyn Root responds to President Joe Biden’s call for unity: “You can take your unity and shove it where the sun don’t shine.”
  • Liz Crokin declares that Biden’s presidency is “fake” and urges everyone to continue to trust QAnon because “it would be a shame for you to be on the wrong side” when “the plan” finally unfolds.
  • Josh Bernstein announces that he and millions of others “will not under any circumstances relent or comply with this bullshit, illegitimate administration.”
  • David Barton urges conservative Christians to remain engaged in the political debate and offers some helpful advice: If someone calls them a homophobe, they should respond by calling that person a heterophobe.
  • Finally, Kat Kerr claims to have gone to the future where she saw the media being forced to admit that there was massive voter fraud and Donald Trump actually won the election and will be president for another term: “This is something that will happen.”