Bonus Tracks: Exactly Like 1938

  • Cliff Kincaid thinks that “we could use another prominent anti-communist like Joe McCarthy” in Congress today.
  • Janet Boynes declares that Christians cannot “support the gay agenda. How will people be set free if we continue to cave and support the lie? … Church, we are in a spiritual battle, and it’s an all-out war between heaven and earth.”
  • Peter LaBarbera warns that the left “is putting our children’s lives, their souls, and their minds at risk.”
  • Wayne Allyn Root got banned from Twitter, which he says is just like what happened to Jews in Nazi Germany: “This is exactly like 1938.”
  • Scott Lively has released a “simple five point plan for the MAGA movement to quickly win back the country and restore our constitution through grassroots activism from the bottom up.”
  • Finally, Mark Taylor is convinced that the COVID-19 vaccine is “a bioweapon” and a precursor to the Mark of the Beast. As such, he warns people not even to get tested for the virus because “the vaccine is now in the test.”