Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Mighty Eagle

  • Josh Bernstein spoke at a fundraiser for Arizona Republican state House candidate Anthony Kern.
  • Amid outrage, Oklahoma GOP Chairman John Bennett defends his Facebook post likening vaccine passports to the Star of David and the persecution of Jews during the Holocaust.
  • Alex McFarland claims that “the unleashing of the [COVID-19] virus, the handling of the pandemic, and the release of vaccine is known to be largely political, largely an opportunity, a trial run for Marxism.”
  • Wayne Allyn Root believes that President Joe Biden is being bribed by drug cartels to allow undocumented immigrants into the country to spread COVID-19: “Biden’s job is to let all the illegal aliens in, ignore the fact that they’re sick and spreading Covid, and blame the rest of us.”
  • Michael Flynn spoke at Kenneth Copeland’s megachurch Sunday night.
  • Shane Vaughn likens former President Donald Trump to a “mighty eagle” who protected the United States “from the encroaching darkness” of “the LBGT community.”
  • Finally, Greg Locke had a meltdown during his church service Sunday, screaming at his congregation, “Do not get vaccinated” while saying that only “crack-smoking, demon-possessed leftists” think Biden is the legitimate president.