Right Wing Bonus Tracks: An Enemy to Mankind

  • Josh Bernstein insists that President Donald Trump “did everything right” in his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Andrew Wallace urges conservatives to vote to reelect Trump but also to prepare for a possible Joe Biden presidency: “The next most important thing you must do quickly, is to buy firearms, like the AR15, with a lot of ammunition.”
  • Rachel Alexander warns that “Biden will make Obama look tame. If people think they are getting another Obama, they are mistaken. All the signs – if you look beneath Biden’s dishonest waffling – point to a much more radical presidency.”
  • Rick Wiles attacks Kamala Harris for not having a “Christian name,” saying that it’s “a curse to go through life named for a false idol.”
  • Michael Guidera, a contributing writer for Intercessors for America, says that “the people involved in setting the fires are empowered by demonic forces. Over the last six months, the leadership in cities like Portland, Oregon have pandered to these anarchists, which has emboldened them. If they can get away with burning a few buildings in cities, why not burn the entire state down? The lack of restraint has given power to this demonic entity, which in turn influenced these people to do these horrific acts.”
  • Finally, Glenn Beck declares that he does not trust anybody who graduated with a degree in journalism because journalists are “an enemy to mankind.”