Rick Wiles: The Antichrist Will Be Jewish

Yesterday, we noted that the hosts at the End Times network TruNews had been invited by the White House to cover the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, as part of the official press corps, despite the network’s ceaseless promotion of vehement anti-Semitism. As we have noted before, the Trump administration has granted TruNews press credentials on multiple occasions.

Given that hosts Rick Wiles, Edward Szall, and Doc Burkhart regularly dedicate episodes of their nightly TruNews broadcast to spreading anti-Semitism and conspiracy theories, it was no surprise that last night’s program, which was broadcast from Davos, featured Wiles declaring that the Antichrist will be Jewish.

“The unsaved Jews, because they rejected Jesus Christ as the son of God, the Messiah, and now, for 2,000 years, they have been in rebellion against God by rejecting Jesus Christ and they are still searching for a Jewish king,” Wiles said. “They don’t want a savior; they want a king.”

“They did not want Jesus Christ as their king and they are still searching for a king today,” he added. “But this person that the Jews are going to turn to, I believe, is Antichrist. And it confirms what I have believed for a long time, [which] is the person that we refer to as Antichrist will be Jewish—the Son of Perdition, the Man of Destruction—but he will be Jewish and the Jews will rally to him, will worship him, and sadly, the evangelical Zionists in America will also fall for this man.”