Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Learning to Love America

  • A warning from Mike Heath: “Prison … but not as a chaplain … is where this Leftist totalitarianism is leading Christianity in the West. They want us in prison because we are ‘haters’ for not embracing their perversion and warmongering. There isn’t room for all of us in prison so their utopian vision will have to be accomplished through murder.
  • Ann Vandersteel says that mass shootings in America are nothing new: “We have had this problem for a long time. In fact, the Boston Massacre, during the Revolutionary War period, was a mass shooting.”
  • Wayne Allyn Root is outraged by reports that, as mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg’s administration created a phone tree to provide information to undocumented immigrants in the event that immigration authorities carried out a raid of local homes or business: “What if an ICE agent were ambushed and murdered by MS-13 gang members, tipped off by Mayor Pete’s system? In that case, I think it’s clear the ‘alert system’ created and coordinated by Mayor Pete would have directly led to the murder of a federal law enforcement officer. The law calls that ‘conspiracy to commit murder.'”
  • Leslie Birkland asserts that Antifa “is the new KKK.”
  • Finally, Josh Bernstein declares that kids today are so “weak-minded” and “prissy and sissy-like” that they should be required to spend three months living in a communist or socialist country upon graduating from high schools so that they learn to love America.