Conspiracy Theorist Wayne Allyn Root Recants on Impeachment Approach

Wayne Allyn Root, an unhinged conspiracy theorist favored by President Donald Trump and his campaign, has apparently changed his mind on the pursuit of impeachment now that House Democrats are considering whether to vote to remove Trump from office.

During an interview with Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy uploaded to YouTube yesterday, Root and Ruddy discussed why ​they believe impeaching Trump would have a negative effect on the country. During the interview, Ruddy posited that Republican efforts to impeach former President Bill Clinton in the 1990s were unproductive, and Root agreed.

Ruddy said that the impeachment inquiry against Trump “is a very historic thing.” He added, “It’s actually very damaging to the country to have this happen. I think when the Republicans did it, we made a big mistake in the ’90s going after Bill Clinton, actually—not sure you agree with that, actually.”

“Agreed,” Root said. “Agreed. No, Agreed.”

“I think it was a mistake, and it backfired,” Ruddy said.

“Right,” Root said.

Just last year, Root argued that investigations into Clinton were “worthy.” And in respect to whether impeachment is good for the nation, the Root from the Obama era would hardly recognize the version of Root seen on NewsmaxTV yesterday.

In 2014, Root claimed that Obama was either “incompetent or mentally ill” and that America would not survive unless Obama was removed from office. If Obama wasn’t removed from office, he would kill “all of us,” Root warned at the time. In Root’s view, Obama should have been impeached for “traitorous” behavior; Root even wrote that impeachment would be a suitable gift for Obama to receive on Christmas:

It’s almost Thanksgiving and the Christmas season is upon us. Many of us are already shopping for holiday gifts. So that inspired me to think up a holiday gift list that I hope and pray Obama receives for Christmas!


IMPEACHMENT in the New Year…prison time for fraud for every Obama aide involved in Obamacare…and a partridge in a pear tree.

Even after Obama had left office, in a column for Townhall, Root wrote:

Liberals will be shocked to hear this. Yes, I finally agree. You’ve won over Wayne Root with evidence and common sense. It’s time to impeach the president.

However, it’s not President Trump I’m talking about. It’s time to impeach former President Barack Obama. And of course, prosecute him too.