Wayne Allyn Root Seeks to Raise $1 Billion to Fund Trump’s Border Wall

Right-wing commentator, conspiracy theorist and Donald Trumpobsessed sycophant Wayne Allyn Root declared on his radio program on yesterday that he will soon be launching a campaign to raise $1 billion to help fund President Trump’s effort to build a wall along America’s southern border.

Root, who recently made news when Trump sent out a tweet thanking him for declaring that Israeli Jews view the president as the “second coming of God,” announced that he’ll begin running ads for his new campaign in the coming weeks.

“Soon, I’ll be announcing—I think I mentioned this on the show—I am the guy who is going to try to raise a billion dollars for Trump’s wall,” Root said. “I’ve formed a PAC to do it and I’ve raised the money to do it and I’ve used the money to buy TV and radio ads all over the United States and those ads will be breaking in about two weeks.”

“You will see ads for Wayne Root’s attempts to raise a billion dollars for the wall,” he added. “We shall see how it goes. Hey look, I’ve been in business my whole life, sometimes I’m successful, sometimes I’m not, but that’s what you call business, man. You go at it, you keep fighting, you’re relentless, you keep slugging away like Don Quixote, you just keep slugging, slugging, slugging. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I have high hopes this one will work. We’ll see. We’ll see if all of you want to back me raising money for the wall. We shall see.”