Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Hill to Die On

  • Bevelyn Beatty, the right-wing Christian activist recently arrested for defacing Black Lives Matter murals in New York City, appeared on Dave Daubenmire’s “Pass The Salt Live” webcast this morning.
  • Several religious-right leaders—including Mike Huckabee, Tony Perkins, Tim Barton, Andrew Wommack—have launched a new organization called The National Association of Christian Lawmakers and will be holding a charter meeting in Florida next month.
  • Carla Spalding, a Republican congressional candidate in Florida, appeared on the YouTube program hosted by QAnon conspiracy theorist Cirsten Weldon yesterday.
  • John Zmirak argues that Black Lives Matter is the QAnon of the left.
  • Finally, Brenden Dilley, who refuses to wear a mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19, declares that it is a hill he will “die on” and vows to sue for discrimination on the grounds that he is “medically not allowed to wear” one.