Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Demonic Hedge Of Protection

  • Todd Coconato and Mario Murillo declare that there is a “demonic hedge” around President Joe Biden and that former President Barack Obama had a “demonic anointing.”
  • Elsewhere, Murillo says that Obama, George Soros, and Bill Gates hate Christianity and Israel and “are working to rid the world of the laws of God.”
  • Stew Peters is suing former collaborators and employees Lauren Witzke and Edward Szall.
  • Michele Bachmann, who now serves as dean of the [Pat] Robertson School of Government, announced the creation of an “Israel Institute” that will train PhDs to shape public policy in order prevent the US from “cursing Israel” and thereby suffering the judgement of God.
  • Finally, we should all take a moment to thank “prophet” Robin Bullock for keeping the nation safe from the “spirits of Hell” during today’s eclipse.
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