Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Hostile Takeover

  • Christian nationalist Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano appeared on right-wing preacher Jonathan Shuttlesworth’s show today to promote his campaign. In March 2020, Shuttlesworth prophesied that the U.S. would be “minimally affected” by COVID-19 and then vowed to hold a massive in-person “Easter blowout” service in defiance of social distancing restrictions.
  • Mario Murillo warns that “the devil is doing something very special today. He is distracting God’s people so that they will not be available when He moves to save America.”
  • Laura Loomer declares that the Republican Party “literally needs to be FORCED into an America First hostile takeover.”
  • VDARE claims that President Joe Biden and the Democrats want to create a nation in which there are “no rights for white Americans, while foreigners get the right to vote and illegal aliens are protected from deportation. Normal parents can’t even protest their Woke school board without being labeled terrorists. Meanwhile, black career criminals roam freely without having to post bail for their latest offense.”
  • Finally, Kenneth Copeland aired a special hour-long broadcast Wednesday night asserting that school shootings can be blamed entirely on the 1963 Supreme Court decision removing mandatory prayer from public schools: “Now the devil’s going in there and killing children in schools!”