Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Demo/Satanic Movement

  • The Bible commands Christians to pray for those in authority, so Donna Rigney is praying that President Joe Biden will “repent” for stealing the election from former President Donald Trump: “I do not pray for him to be a good president. He’s in an illegitimate place. He is not chosen by God.”
  • Scott Lively is now using his YouTube channel to read through his anti-LGBTQ book, “The Pink Swastika.”
  • Hank Kunneman hopes that he’ll “be written in the history books of this nation” for standing firm on his conviction that Trump won the election.
  • Mike Evans, a prominent American Christian Zionist, held a press conference in Israel last week where he said that former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was responsible for the Abraham Accords and other peace deals but “we let [Trump] get the credit because we wanted him to be reelected.”
  • Finally, Mario Murillo declares that “history will not be kind to this generation of American Christians because they were slow to admit the Democrat Party is Satanic. Until we stop the denial in churches we cannot hope to stop this evil. This is supernatural evil not politics. To muster the weapons of God against this evil we must fully accept what we are facing: A Demo/Satanic movement.”