Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 12/16/16

  • Rick Joyner insists that Donald Trump really won the popular vote because “there are also estimates that six million or more illegals voted in this election.”
  • Financial consultant Dave Ramsey declares in WorldNetDaily that buying gold as an investment is “the dumbest thing you can do.” Let’s hope that Glenn Beck’s fans never finds out, since Goldline is one of his biggest sponsors!
  • Bryan Fischer declares that “what counts for the left is not truth but usefulness. They could care less about whether something they spout is either true or right. They only care about whether it is useful in destroying the objects of their animosity.”
  • Sher Zieve is not a fan of those who criticize Donald Trump: “These creatures hate President-Elect Trump and his supporters. They want all of us to hate him and ourselves for having the unmitigated temerity to have voted for him, too! We-the-People stalled the Luciferian Elites’ attempts to enslave the US population into a Communist ‘Utopia’ attractive to and meant for only the, aforementioned, elites.”
  • Finally, Richard Land says that history will show that President Obama was “among the most catastrophic presidents that the United States has ever survived.”