Rick Wiles: The Left Needs to Tone Down its Inflammatory Rhetoric

End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles closed out his “TruNews” program last night by decrying the shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue over the weekend that left 11 people dead and calling on everyone to tone down their rhetoric. And by “everyone,” he primarily meant “the left.”

“Let’s just pray that everyone across the nation, we just lower our voices,” he said. “The left needs to do this too. They need to lower their voices. This stuff of holding severed heads of President Trump, we have got to stop this stuff. Having these mock executions of President Trump, cutting his head off, guillotines, this stuff, you have got to stop it. We have been warning for a long time this is getting out of control and everybody needs to be responsible. CNN, you need to get your news people under control. MSNBC, you have got to get your news people under control. You are allowing them to say things that are inflammatory, insulting millions of people in the country. You cannot just everyday call people the worst names because they didn’t vote your way. You have got to stop this stuff.”

This is the same Rick Wiles who, just days before the synagogue shooting, attacked conservative commentator Ben Shapiro for being Jewish and operating under a “spirit of Antichrist.”

And just days before that, Wiles attacked George Soros as an “enemy of the state” who should be arrested and have his wealth seized.

Wiles recently warned that if Democrats ever gain control of the government, they will immediately set out to slaughter Christians by the thousands.

He has also repeatedly claimed that Democrats will start killing Republicans before the 2020 elections.

Back in July, Wiles predicted that a mob of leftist revolutionaries would storm the White House within the next 72 hours and drag President Trump and his family out onto the lawn and decapitate them.

But it is the left that needs to get itself under control and stop saying such inflammatory and irresponsible things.

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