Rick Wiles: Leftists ‘Will Carry Out Targeted Killings Of Republicans’ In Preparation For Civil War

End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles used his “TruNews” program on Friday to warn his viewers that liberals may begin to assassinate Republican candidates before the 2018 midterm elections in preparation for civil war.

“When they get rid of Donald Trump, they are going to crush the people who voted for him,” Wiles said. “Your country is being taken away from you.”

“This is a revolution,” he added. “It is a communist/Marxist/socialist/leftist revolution and it has the potential to turn bloody. I would say that we need to be prepared for this fall. Be prepared. I pray to God that the leftists/Marxists/socialists/communists do not assassinate Republican candidates for the House and Senate and governor and other positions. But be prepared that as we go in to October, that they will carry out targeted killings of Republicans.”

“If that happens, then you know that a violent revolution has now begun,” he warned, adding that if Democrats win control of Congress in the midterms, “this country is going to be ripped to pieces.”

“We’re that close to civil war,” Wiles said. “We’re that close to violent, bloody revolution in this country.”