Rick Wiles: George Soros Is ‘An Enemy of the State’ Who ‘Should Be Arrested [and] His Wealth Should be Seized’

It has apparently become an accepted fact on the right that the caravan of Central American migrants that is heading toward the United States was orchestrated and financed by billionaire progressive philanthropist George Soros. Despite that fact that nobody has been able to provide one iota of evidence to support this claim, right-wing commentators are nonetheless using it to demand that Soros be investigated and arrested, as End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles did on his “TruNews” program last night.

After asserting that hundreds of ISIS terrorists are likely “embedded in this mob,” Wiles insisted that Soros “masterminded” the caravan and must be arrested as an “enemy of the state” and have his wealth seized.

“I don’t know why George Soros has not been named as an enemy of the state,” Wiles said. “His wealth should be seized. He should be arrested and imprisoned. He is working to collapse nations. He is a dangerous … he is a financial political terrorist.”

“He’s a dangerous man and he should be arrested, his wealth should be seized,” Wiles reiterated.