Rick Wiles Attacks Ben Shapiro for Rejecting False Flag Theories, Being Jewish: ‘Has a Spirit of Antichrist’

Like just about every other right-wing commentator and activist, End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles is convinced that the spate of bombs that have been sent to Democratic leaders in recent days is nothing but a “false flag” designed to make conservatives look bad just before the midterm elections.

Ben Shapiro has been one of the few conservatives to denounce those who have reflexively dismissed the mailings as a hoax, and that is not sitting well when Wiles, who attacked Shapiro on his “TruNews” program last night for being Jewish and having “a spirit of Antichrist.”

“Not all conservatives are questioning that this could be a false flag,” Wiles said. “One prominent pseudo-conservative, Ben Shapiro—let me tell you what little Ben said: he said that he’s condemning the false flag theories.”

“Why are there any Christians listening to Ben Shapiro?” Wiles asked. “Why are there any conservatives listening to Ben Shapiro? First of all, as a Christian, you need to know this: Ben Shapiro openly denies the deity of Jesus Christ. He says as a Jew, he has no reason to need a Christian savior. Those are his words, okay? I don’t know why any Christian is reading and following Ben Shapiro. He has a spirit of Antichrist.”