Rick Wiles Blames YouTube Crackdown on ‘The Synagogue of Satan’

End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles spent most of his TruNews broadcast last night ranting about the news that YouTube has announced that it will be removing thousands of videos and channels promoting extremist views, which Wiles predictably blamed on the Jews … from his channel on YouTube.

Wiles, who is deeply anti-Semitic and dedicates many of his TruNews programs to railing against Israel and the Jews—yet still regularly receives press credentials from the White House—blamed the crackdown on “the synagogue of Satan” (i.e. Jews) who can’t wait to start killing Christians.

“Jesus told us 2,000 years ago that in the Last Days, fake Jews will persecute real Christians,” Wiles said. “I said it, I believe it, and I will not retract it. It is what it is. Our enemy right now, the enemy of the church, are fake Jews called the synagogue of Satan. Who owns Google? Who controls Google? Who owns YouTube? Who controls YouTube? Who owns Facebook? Who controls Facebook? The synagogue of Satan … I just called you what you are, [Mark] Zuckerberg. You’re the synagogue of Satan.”

Wiles went on to say that it was only a matter of time before the Jews try to kill him, but he is not worried because “my God will defend me.”

“The synagogue of Satan is not playing games,” he added. “These are people that murder babies. What do you think that they will do to you and me? Anybody that would murder a baby is capable of murdering anybody. Jesus said, ‘They’ll kill you and think they did God a favor,’ because their God is Satan.”