Only Rick Wiles’ TruNews Network Can Save Conservatives From Extermination

End Times broadcaster and fringe conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles spent most of his “TruNews” broadcast last night discussing President Trump’s summit with Vladimir Putin and asking for donations to help keep his network afloat so that he can provide “real” news coverage about the events of the day in order to prevent the perverted pedophiles in “the deep state” from taking control of America and exterminating conservatives.

After discussing yesterday’s press conference with correspondent Edward Szall, who had been dispatched to cover Trump’s European trip for Wiles’ network in person, Wiles asked his audience to support the TruNews network so that it can continue to share the truth during these dangerous days.

“We’re in for the fight of our lives,” Wiles said. “If these people get power in this country again, you and I are toast, we’re done. Do you understand that? If they regain power, you and I are history. They’re coming after us.”

“They will exterminate all opposition,” he continued. “These people are ruthless. They’re murderers, they’re perverts, they’re pedophiles, they’re the worst scum that’s ever crawled on this planet and they’re dangerous.”

“They will do anything to hold on to power, including exterminating their domestic opponents,” Wiles warned, “because they’re driven with madness, total madness. When you reject God, you’re opening your mind to madness. And these people have rejected God, they rejected God decades ago and madness has taken over.”