Rick Wiles Goes on Anti-Semitic Rant Against Right Wing Watch and ‘Hollywood’s Jewish Cabal’

On Friday, we wrote a post noting that Donald Trump Jr. had given an in-person interview to the radical End Times conspiracy theory network TruNews, which had been granted press credentials to cover President Trump’s rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Our post generated a bit of media coverage about the interview, so naturally last night’s episode of “TruNews” was dedicated to attacking us as an “anti-Christian hate group” that is a tool of the “synagogue of Satan.”

In our post from last week, we pointed out that TruNews has repeatedly been granted press credentials by the White House despite the fact that its founder, Rick Wiles, and the network are deeply anti-Semitic and that many of TruNews’ programs are dedicated to railing against Israel and the Jews. Wiles proceeded to prove that point in his broadcast last night as he attacked Norman Lear, the founder of our parent organization, People For the American Way, as “an influential member of Hollywood’s Jewish cabal.”

Wiles then listed off various foundations that have made donations to PFAW over the years and was sure to note that they had all been founded by “wealthy Jews.”

“Are you seeing a pattern in where the money comes from to smear TruNews?” Wiles asked. “They may have a lot of Jewish money, but I have the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and I am protected by the blood of Jesus Christ and no weapon formed against me shall prosper.”

“Right Wing Watch, you’re Christian-haters,” Wiles said later in the broadcast. “You’re a Christian-hating group, that is what you are. You promote homosexuality, you’re Christian-haters, but that makes you a Christ-hater. At the core of your heart, you hate Jesus Christ, you hate righteousness, you hate God. That’s what drives you. It’s not that you hate me and TruNews—you hate the God that I serve and you’re driven with this passion to denounce God. And who funds you? The synagogue of Satan that has been at war with Jesus Christ for 2,000 years. That’s what this is all about. There is no other story here. It’s the synagogue of Satan against the holy church of God.”