Rick Wiles Sees a Jewish Conspiracy Behind the Iowa Caucuses Debacle

The Iowa caucuses, which were held earlier this week, have been plagued by problems caused by the failure of an app that precinct chairs were instructed to use for reporting the results. But right-wing conspiracy theorist and End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles has an idea of who is really to blame for the fiasco: the Jews.

Wiles, a virulent anti-Semite whose TruNews network nevertheless regularly receives White House press credentials, seized on a report that the company that built the faulty app was backed by a wealthy donor who supports the candidacy of Pete Buttigieg and is pro-Israel. On last night’s TruNews broadcast, Wiles and his co-hosts suggested that the caucus results were intentionally delayed and manipulated to benefit Israel.

“The pro-Israel owner of the Times of Israel newspaper, he’s backing homosexual mayor Pete Buttigieg, and he’s the money man behind this app?” Wiles asked his co-host, Doc Burkhart. “Are you suggesting the Israelis are influencing the election to have the Democrats nominate its first openly homosexual presidential candidate?”

“What happened last night was weird, and we have already pointed out there is an Israeli connection,” Wiles said later in the program. “They might accuse me of being anti-Semitic for saying it, but the truth is there is an Israeli connection to the app that bombed last night in Iowa. But you’re not allowed to say these things. Everybody is being censored now. By who? The same people who are doing this stuff.”

“It isn’t too hard to figure out what is going on,” Wiles continued. “A coup. A takeover of the United States of America, unless we resist … We’re about 80 percent into captivity right now. They’re shutting down dissenting voices, they’re censoring voices that refuse to go along with the agenda. We’re deep into the captivity right now … We’re losing our rights and freedoms and we’re being taken over by a foreign power that is anti-Christ. The very people who crucified Christ are going to be our masters if we don’t do something about it.”