Fringe Conspiracy Theorist Rick Wiles Claims Two Trump Cabinet Officials Want To Be Interviewed By Him

Earlier this year, End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles reported that his “TruNews” network had been granted press credentials from the White House to cover President Trump’s trip to Switzerland to attend the World Economic Forum. As we noted at the time, this was rather remarkable given that Wiles is a fringe right-wing conspiracy theorist who believes, for example, that the Las Vegas massacre was carried out a top secret death squad controlled by a secret world government that is “a gay/lesbian Nazi regime.”

On his television program last night, Wiles reported that God is lifting up TruNews, so much so that staff for two Trump Cabinet officials have reached out to Wiles to discuss the possibility of being interviewed by his conspiracy theory network.

“We are the opposite of fake news, we are TruNews,” Wiles said. “God is lifting us up. It is the Lord that is doing this. It is our heavenly father who is lifting up TruNews at this hour.”

“There are two high-ranking officials in the Trump Cabinet that have reached out to us—I’m talking about their staff—in recent days and said that they are interested in the Cabinet secretaries having an interview with TruNews. I can tell you about another phone call I had yesterday with someone who just got off the phone with a person in the West Wing of the White House talking about TruNews. So God is doing something.”