Radical Right-Wing Activist Janet Folger Porter Is Running for Congress

Janet Folger Porter, a radical anti-choice, anti-LGBTQ, religious-right conspiracy theorist, has announced that she is running for Congress in her home state of Ohio.

When Porter ran for state office in Ohio in 2016, we exposed her long history of radical right-wing extremism:

For years, Porter used her daily radio program and weekly column to promote a variety of conspiracy theories surrounding President Obama’s birth, alleging that his election was the result of a massive communist conspiracy. After her prayers failed to prevent Obama from taking office and subsequently cursing America, Porter went to work warning her fellow conservatives that Obama would orchestrate food shortages in order to starve them to death, use a swine flu outbreak as an excuse to lock them up in concentration camps, and use Obamacare to deny them healthcare and eliminate them.

Porter has also long warned that increasing acceptance of gay rights will turn Christians into criminals who will eventually be rounded up and tossed in jail, going so far as to try and prevent the Supreme Court from ruling on the issue of gay marriage. Recently she produced an anti-gay documentary called “Light Wins” that featured a variety of Republican members of Congress, GOP presidential hopefuls and anti-gay activists warning that gay activists are “grooming” and endangering children, for which they should be held criminally liable.

Despite her radical views, Porter managed to host a “Values Voters Debate” back in 2007, which featured Mike Huckabee and other GOP presidential contenders making their pitches to a bevy of radical Religious Right activists. But Porter’s star dimmed a bit when her radio program was cancelled in 2010 due to her growing ties to the Dominionist movement, as typified by her prayers that God would give conservative Christians control over the government and the media:

After losing her bid for office, Porter focused her attention on passing a series of anti-choice “heartbeat bills” at both the state and federal level, which she openly admitted were intended to outlaw abortion “before the mother even knows she’s pregnant.” Last year, the Supreme Court allowed a version of one such “heartbeat bill” to go into effect in Texas amid legal challenges regarding its constitutionality.

In 2017, Porter served as a spokesperson for Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore when he was accused of making sexual advances on teenage girls when he was in his 30s. Porter proudly stood by Moore and declared that working for him was like “working for a Founding Father.”

Interestingly, Porter has not focused solely on political work, as she has also spent the last several years trying to sell a television pilot featuring herself in the starring role.