Janet Porter: Working For Roy Moore Was Like ‘Working For A Founding Father’

Janet Porter, the radical Religious Right activist who served as a spokesperson for Roy Moore’s Senate campaign last year, appeared on Gordon Klingenschmitt’s “Pray In Jesus Name” program today where she said that working for Moore was like working for one of the Founding Fathers.

Porter, who continued to insist that Moore lost his race due entirely to rampant voter fraud, said that she is counseling Moore to consider making another run for the Senate in 2020 or challenge current Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey in November.

Porter said that Moore “is such a godly man” that he is “the closest thing I’ve ever seen to working for a Founding Father. This was a guy that we absolutely could have trusted to drain the swamp in Washington, take on the establishment as well as the machine that worked to make sure he lost this election. That’s why he was hated so much.”

“I give him counsel from time to time,” she added, “and I think he’d be a great candidate for governor against the woman who was on the canvassing board that affirmed and certified this fraudulent election without so much as an investigation. I think he’d make a great governor, he’d make a great senator when this comes back again.”