Anti-Choice Activist Janet Porter Says The Election Between Trump and Biden Is a Choice Between ‘Life or Death’

Right-wing anti-choice and anti-LGBTQ activist Janet Porter appeared on “The Blacksmith Chronicles” podcast yesterday, where she mocked Christians who oppose President Donald Trump and declared that the election between Trump and Joe Biden is a choice between “life or death.”

“I don’t care if there’s a tweet or two that I don’t like,” Porter declared. “We’ve got a president who’s willing to stand against the establishment, to stand for life, to stand for liberty, and we need to stand for President Trump. And I don’t care if there’s Christians that are so pious and he said a word you didn’t like in a tweet you didn’t care for. Hey, guess what? If Joe Biden is elected, he will dismember children with your tax dollars up until birth—that is his position—as well as taking your guns away, as well as as taking your liberties away. These are real issues.”

“If you want to see abortion end in your lifetime, you need to do everything you can to reelect President Trump. Period. The end,” Porter added. “I don’t want to hear about what you do or don’t like. There’s stuff I said yesterday that I don’t like, but what matters is actions. Actions are what you believe, and that’s really at the heart of where we’re going as a nation. You want freedom? You want life? You want liberty? That’s President Trump. If you want abortion until birth with your tax dollars footing the bill, if you want your guns taken away, if you want your liberties taken away, then Joe Biden’s your guy. The choice is life or death, and it could not be more clear.”

Porter complained that the media only reports the “worst things” about Trump while falsely asserting that “Joe Biden was using the N-word back in the 70s over and over again.”

‘You put the two side by side, I’ll tell you what, I pick President Trump every time,” Porter declared. “Every single time.”