Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Balls of Steel

  • Josh Bernstein is calling for “a constitutional amendment against mail-in voting.”
  • Jack Hibbs says 2020 is “the most important election in history for Christians”: “The forces arrayed against President Trump not only want our children to be taught that same-sex marriage is equal to natural, biblical marriage, but now they want to teach children that they are free to choose their genders. Absolute lunacy and depravity are fighting for control of our society.”
  • Glenn Beck is so upset about Sen. Ben Sasse’s criticism of President Donald Trump that he fired off a massive Twitter thread in which he, among other things, praised Trump for having “balls of steel.”
  • Dave Daubenmire warns that “every major institution in America is under the control of Satan.”
  • Finally, after trying unsuccessfully to turn herself into a movie star for a decade, anti-choice activist Janet Porter has lowered her aspirations a bit and produced a sitcom pilot for herself. It’s terrible.