Perry Stone: It’s No Coincidence That States That Oppose Trump Have the Largest Coronavirus Outbreaks

During last night’s prayer meeting at his church in Cleveland, Tennessee, right-wing pastor Perry Stone suggested that it was a message from God that states with elected leaders who oppose President Donald Trump are suffering large COVID-19 coronavirus outbreaks while states that support Trump are not.

“What I am about to tell you is either the weirdest coincidence that has existed in many years, just totally by chance, or it’s a message of some kind,” Stone said. “San Francisco is one of the first cities in the entire United States to actually go into self-quarantine—you know, you’ve got to stay off the street—and it is the district of a woman named Nancy Pelosi.”

“Oh, that’s just a coincidence, preacher, you’re stupid,” he added, rhetorically.

“New York is probably getting ready to have a shut down, which is the area of Chuck Schumer,” Stone added. “California, the Los Angeles area, I just got word there is a good possibility … they’re going to shut down. That’s the territory of a man named Adam Schiff, who spent years and millions of our taxpayer dollars on a lie that didn’t even exist.”

“So is it coincidence? If it is, it’s a weird one,” Stone continued. “Isn’t a strange that the state [West Virginia] that voted Trump in by 68 percent, the biggest state that voted him in, has no virus?”

Contrary to Stone’s claim, there are reported cases of coronavirus in all 50 states. In fact, shortly after Stone concluded his prayer service, West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice announced the state’s first coronavirus case.