Perry Stone: Secret Emails Will Prove The Democrats ‘Planned To Use Russia To Bring Trump Down’

End Times pastor Perry Stone was a guest on Jim Bakker’s television program today, where he claimed to have secret information that will prove that not only did President Trump’s campaign not collude with Russia during the 2016 election, but that it was Democrats who colluded with Russia to take Trump down.

After Bakker claimed that Democrats think that Trump must have cheated during the election because that is what Democrats do, Stone cryptically stated that he was about to reveal “some news before it makes the news.”

“I’m going to be very cautious here,” Stone said. “There is in existence right now, 64,000 emails—you can’t ask me any questions beyond this about where this came from—64,000 emails exist right now that prove that the Democratic party planned to use Russia to bring Trump down.”

“There is a whistle-blower and he’s got ’em,” Stone added. “You’re going to see leak after leak after leak after leak come out—they will dedact [sic] names for security reasons, but really their dedcating [sic] names of people we all know to protect them who were involved in corruption—and I think you might be surprised at how big the conspiracy was. It was not that Trump had a conspiracy with Russia, it was the other party had a conspiracy to use Russia as their weapon.”