Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Trump’s Stone Wall

  • Bryan Fischer proclaims that evangelical Christians are President Trump’s “stone wall” against impeachment: “If we continue to have his back, there is no way they can get to him and remove him through impeachment. We are the key to President Trump surviving this impeachment effort.”
  • Perry Stone boldly declares that he will never allow Democrats to destroy this nation: “I along with millions of others refuse to live in a Communist-Socialists America they are hoping to build and I will speak up against such utter non-sense and oppressive control that these incompetent and corrupt deep-state globalists are wanting to place us under.”
  • Chris McDonald dedicated an entire episode of his “The MC Files” program last night to exposing “How The Deep State Has Used Cancer To Kill The Masses.”
  • Brenden Dilley would have more sympathy of Sen. Bernie Sanders following his heart procedure if Sanders “wasn’t a corrupt, anti-American scumbag.”
  • Finally, a warning from Bradlee Dean: “Friends, look to history. George Mason warned us that those who mean to disarm, mean to enslave. They mean to be your masters while you become their slaves, and the best way to enslave the people is to disarm them. Americans must come to terms that corrupt politicians are not the type that you can help or rehabilitate. They are the type that you must lawfully remove, or you will lose your God-given right!”