‘Satan Hates This Man’: Perry Stone Says Trump’s Critics ‘Have Demons in Them’

During his Thursday night prayer meeting last week, right-wing pastor Perry Stone asserted that Democrats who oppose President Donald Trump are demon-possessed.

Stone declared that witches are trying to place hexes on the president because they know that “he is delaying the spirit of anti-Christ.”

“They’re trying to place hexes and curses on President Trump,” Stone said. “Satan hates this man.”

“He’s delaying the spirit of anti-Christ,” he added. “Not the Antichrist, the spirit of it, and he’s also delaying it by his support of Israel. And the adversary’s kingdom is shaken because of that.”

“I have never, in any nation of the world … seen people raised up with demons in them in Washington,” Stone said. “They have demons in them. You can look at their eyes when they almost start foaming at the mouth; [Rep. Adam] Schiff’s eyes get as big as saucers and it looks like he is having a seizure when you bring up [Trump’s] name. These are not normal people. They have given themselves over to reprobate minds.”