Rick Wiles: If Hillary Clinton Won, We Would All Be Dead From Nuclear War

One day before President Trump held a press conference in which he discussed the possibility of a “nuclear holocaust,” “Trunews” host Rick Wiles declared that nuclear war would have already occurred if Hillary Clinton won the election.

Fortunately, he said, “God gave us a reprieve” in the election by electing Trump and averting “nuclear war.”

“God intervened in the affairs of this nation and prevented us from certain destruction,” he said. “I don’t even believe we would be here today. I believe we would be evaporated by today. All of us would be in glory by now.”

Wiles warned that if Trump is ousted from the White House in a coup, then his evil and depraved opponents would begin to come after conservatives—a warning he delivered just minutes after calling for the arrest of government leakers and journalists.

These people that are opposing him are wicked. They’re evil. If you knew what they’re involved in you would vomit. You literally would vomit until you had dry heaves. The church has got to get activated right now. There is a coup d’état under way. If these people succeed in bringing down Donald Trump, we will be on the path to war again and their wickedness and corruption would not only continue, it will intensify. Let me tell you one more thing, if they succeed in taking him down, they’re coming after you and me because they will never allow you and me to oppose them again.

For what it’s worth, Wiles also predicted that President Obama would round up his enemies, declare himself God and launch a nuclear attack on Texas.