Crazed Conspiracy Theorist Rick Wiles Says He Was Invited By The White House To Cover Trump’s Trip To Davos

On his television program on Friday, End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles reported that his fringe news outlet, TruNews, has been invited by the White House to cover President Trump’s planned trip to Switzerland to attend the World Economic Forum.

“Your TruNews team will be in the World Economic Forum, starting Tuesday,” Wiles announced. “We were officially invited by the White House to cover President Trump’s speech to the assembled globalists. Now we did not seek to go to this global event; it was the White House that invited us at the last minute.”

Wiles is a radical conspiracy theorist who spent the Obama administration claiming that Barack Obama was literally demon-possessed and “a devil from hell” who “spiritually sodomized” the nation in his role as the head of a modern-day Nazi regime that sought to round up “patriotic men” and seize their homes so that they could be given to illegal immigrants.

In contrast, Wiles has been a vocal supporter of Donald Trump from the very beginning of his presidential campaign and has repeatedly called for Trump’s critics to be “rounded up” and imprisoned.

Last year, Wiles asserted that Hurricane Harvey was God’s punishment on the city of Houston for its “affinity for the sexual perversion movement” and declared that the Las Vegas massacre was carried out a top secret death squad controlled by a secret world government that is “a gay/lesbian Nazi regime.”

If Wiles, who believes that the world is controlled by “avowed satanic Luciferian devil worshipers,” really has been personally invited by the White House to cover the president of the United States as he gathers with global political and economic leaders, that would be truly astounding.