Rick Wiles: ‘They’re Building A Global Brain That Will Embody Lucifer’s Mind’

Alarmed by reports that a computer program has “learned” to play Texas Hold ‘Em so efficiently that it can now defeat professional poker players, End Times radio host Rick Wiles warned on his “Trunews” radio broadcast yesterday that it is now only a matter of time before Satan takes over the world using a “global brain.”

Because Texas Hold ‘Em involves bluffing, Wiles is convinced that computers are now learning how to lie—and since Satan is “the father of all lies,” it stands to reason that we will soon have “demon-possessed artificially intelligent robots” controlling the world.

“If you have a machine that is capable of lying, then it has to be connected to Lucifer,” he said. “Now we’re back to the global brain. This is where they’re going. They’re building a global brain that will embody Lucifer’s mind and so Lucifer will be deceiving people through the global brain.”

To make matters worse, Wiles warned, demon-possessed robots will soon start replacing human workers, resulting in massive unemployment, which is why the “deep state” is planning to start a global war for the purpose of killing off all those people who are no longer needed.

“I’m going to tell you where I think this is going,” he said. “I think the deep state planners have already figured this out and they have scheduled a massive war to eliminate tens of millions, perhaps hundreds of millions, of useless eaters. I really believe that.”