After Getting Booted From YouTube, Rick Wiles Warns That Leftists Will Soon Start Executing Christians

Yesterday, the YouTube page run by crazed conspiracy theorist and End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles was terminated for violating the website’s community guidelines and Wiles reacted to the development by warning that this is the first step on the path toward publicly executing Christians and conservatives in the streets.

“America’s leftist snowflakes are furious that half the country no longer listens to their idiotic Marxist propaganda,” Wiles said on his “TruNews” program last night. “My ancestors were German Reformed Church members who fled religious persecution in Europe in the 1700s, risked everything to come to America so they could freely worship God. There’s freedom running through my veins. My ancestors were not silenced, and I won’t be silenced by YouTube. Every generation has its tyrants. We have tech tyrants.”

“I have warned for years that a spirit of Nazism is rising up inside the USA,” he added. “The new Nazis are here. America is on the verge of a French Revolution-style upheaval during which leftist mobs will seek to execute Christians and conservatives in order to purge American society.”