Larry Klayman Says The Left ‘Will Seek Literally To Chop Our Heads Off’

Over the weekend, right-wing attorney and crackpot conspiracy theorist Larry Klayman joined right-wing birther conspiracy theorist Joel Gilbert on Infowars, where Klayman warned that liberals cannot be allowed to remove President Trump from office because that will eventually lead to liberals literally beheading conservatives.

“They’re trying to seize control of the country,” Klayman said. “Once they get ahold of it, they’re going to build it up in their socialist/communist/atheist radical anti-American image.”

“They want a socialist state, they want a police state, they want to squeeze God out of this country,” he added. “We are fighting a war, in effect, to the death. Our lives are at stake. All of our lives are at stake and they’re not going to stop with just getting rid of Trump. Once they get rid of him, they’re coming at us, the conservatives, the libertarians, those that will not go along with their socialist radical views.”

“This is the modus operandi of the left, to use intelligence agencies—Stasi, KBG, others—to terrorize the public and if that public rises up, they will seek literally to chop our heads off,” Klayman said. “And we have got to remember that and that is why we need a Second Amendment to defend ourselves.”