Larry Klayman: The SCOTUS Seat Wasn’t ‘Stolen’ From Democrats Because Scalia May Have Been Murdered

Earlier this week, right-wing attorney Larry Klayman posted a video asserting that Democrats have no grounds to complain that the vacant Supreme Court seat that President Trump recently nominated Neil Gorsuch to fill had been “stolen” because the seat only became vacant because the CIA may have murdered Justice Antonin Scalia in the first place. In Klayman’s view, the refusal by Senate Republicans to even consider President Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland to fill that seat was justified since Scalia had supposedly died under such mysterious circumstances.

“This allegation that the Republicans have stolen the nomination of a Supreme Court justice from the Democrats is not only outrageous, but it’s hypocritical,” he said, asserting that Scalia died “mysteriously” and “there have been reports that that death was not exactly of natural causes.”

Klayman said that he had personally seen Scalia not long before his death “and he looked like, frankly, he was in great health.”

Citing a report in the National Enquirer, which he insisted “doesn’t always get things wrong,” Klayman speculated that “a prostitute had been sent by the CIA and other government sources to possibly poison Justice Scalia.”

Klayman said that he doesn’t know what the truth is behind Scalia’s death and that he intends to launch an investigation, “but for the Democrats to claim that the seat was stolen from them when, in fact, there may be skullduggery behind the death of Antonin Scalia, that’s a serious issue.”

Trump has also suggested that Scalia died under suspicious circumstances.