Larry Klayman Suggests The Government Is Covering Up The Las Vegas Shooting Because Killer Was An FBI Informant

Right-wing attorney and conspiracy theorist Larry Klayman appeared on Newsmax TV yesterday, where he floated the idea that government officials are covering up the truth about the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas because the shooter, Stephen Paddock, was an FBI informant.

Citing the fact that Paddock had worked for the Postal Service and the IRS decades ago and was a heavy gambler, Klayman asserted that it was likely that Paddock had developed ties to the mafia in Las Vegas.

“It’s not inconceivable that the FBI or the local police department,” he said, “used him as an informant and perhaps, having committed the crime—I’m not saying the FBI or the police were behind it—but one of theirs may have committed this mass shooting, this mass murder and that may be one reason why they can’t—quote—figure out what went on or where he comes from or what is the motive.”

When asked if he had any evidence to support this claim, Klayman merely responded by asking, “Is the police department and FBI that stupid? Are they that stupid that they can’t figure out what happened in 10 days? They have no inkling?”

Klayman said that “this is something that needs to be investigated” and vowed to use his own private investigators to look into it.