Larry Klayman: ‘Jewish Left’ Will Destroy America

In a WorldNetDaily column on Friday, conservative legal activist Larry Klayman reacted to the federal court decisions finding President Trump’s immigration and refugee resettlement executive orders to be unconstitutional by railing against the judicial branch and declaring that it “is time that we cleaned up the judiciary.”

Klayman wrote that Trump must nominate judges to the bench who will “protect Americans not just from the tyranny comprised of the unholy alliance of Muslims, leftist Jews and the ACLU and others, but from the tyranny of the other two branches of government.”

Last week, Klayman also posted a video message where he blasted the “Jewish left” for supporting legal challenges to Trump’s immigration rules and migration from “places in Black Africa” into Israel.

“The Jewish left has been very destructive in this country as it has been in Israel,” he said. “It has jeopardized the national security of both countries. In fact, in Tel Aviv today, the Jewish left is supporting wholesale immigration of immigrants from Eritrea and other places in Black Africa where these Muslims are coming in and they are literally raping, pillaging and killing people in south Tel Aviv. This kind of naïveté is going to lead to the destruction not just of Israel ultimately, because they’ll ultimately become voting citizens of Israel, but also to the United States if we continue to have this permissive approach to immigration.”