Lance Wallnau: ‘I Am A Prophetic Irritant To The Devil’

In a video he streamed on Periscope yesterday, right-wing preacher Lance Wallnau said that the media attention he has been receiving recently is proof that he is a “prophetic irritant to the devil.”

Wallnau, who believes that President Trump was chosen by God, says that he has recently been under attack by the “relentless savagery of Leviathan in the jaws of liberal media” and is regularly being mocked by “miserable liberals” who are attempting to ruin his reputation by making him look foolish by quoting what he says.

Such efforts are failing, Wallnau declared, because he takes great joy in being attacked for standing up for God.

“There is a joy that supernaturally God promises to you when your enemy takes you so seriously that they slander you and accuse you of all kinds of derangement,” he said. “I must be operating under a prophetic anointing. I am a prophetic irritant to the devil.”